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    Shanghai Lejia CNC Machine Co.,Ltd
    Add: Building 48.No. 2795,Cao An Highway,Jiading District,Shanghai, China
    Postal Code: 201803
    Tel: 0086-21-62971388 
    Skype: lejiacnc888 line-height: 25.2px;">(line-height: 25.2px;">production Line and line-height: 25.2px;">machineline-height: 25.2px;">)line-height: 25.2px;"> 
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    line-height: 25.2px;">            lejia-shaclline-height: 25.2px;">(tooling)
    line-height: 25.2px;">Wechat:line-height: 25.2px;">+86-15900792219line-height: 25.2px;">(line-height: 25.2px;">producing Line and line-height: 25.2px;">machineline-height: 25.2px;">)
    line-height: 25.2px;">            line-height: 25.2px;">  line-height: 25.2px;">+86-15900991548(line-height: 25.2px;">machine and line-height: 25.2px;">tooling)
    line-height: 25.2px;">              line-height: 25.2px;">+86-line-height: 25.2px;">13162505288line-height: 25.2px;">(tooling)
    Whatsapp : +86-15900792219(Mr. Jason Nie)
                       +86-15900991548(Mr. Jacky Hu) 
    Email: sales@shlejia.com